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Cat Scratching Mat 55 x 35cm, Floor or Wall Mount Scratch Post, Board

  • Provides your cat with a dedicated scratching area
  • Helps protect floor and wall coverings
  • 55cm (21.6") x 33cm (13")
  • Toy provides hours of fun
  • Suitable for adult cats and kittens

The Cat Scratching Mat With Toy has been specially created to provide your cat with a place to sharpen their claws and have some fun. This simple yet effective mat has been covered with a hard wearing material which will allow your cat to sharpen their claws without causing damage to your floor coverings, wallpaper, curtains or furniture. The plush surround provides a great contrast of textures for your cat to enjoy whilst the fun toy will allow them to hone their hunting skills whilst providing hours of entertainment. The Cat Scratching Mat With Toy is suitable for adult cats and kittens to use.