Coat Untangler for Short Hair

This coat untangler has a plastic handle with non-slip rubber inlay and rotating rounded teeth for gentle coat care. It is particularly suitable for caring for the undercoat.

  • Tooth length: 2 cm
  • Size 10 x 15 cm
  • Suitable for short and wire hair
  • Rounded teeth for gentle coat care
  • Plastic handle with non-slip rubber grip

Suitable for the following coat types: Short hair, straight hair or shorthaired cats: Short up to medium-long, smooth, shiny top hair and fine, soft, thick up to very thick undercoat Example short hair: Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler/Beagle/Pug Example straight hair: German Shepherd/Husky Example shorthaired cat: European Short Hair/Exotic Short Hair/Chartreux/Siamese