Dog Training Discs

  • 5 metal discs on a rope
  • incl. booklet with tips and tricks for designing optimum training
  • chrome
  • effective training due to the special sound signal

5 metal discs on a ribbon for gentle training. Allows effective training due to the special sound method. Includes instructions and hints. These allow you to indicate unwanted behaviour to your dog in order to pinpoint and correct it. These discs are a set of saucer-shaped discs made of metal and small enough to fit in your pocket. They make a unique sound, but only when you want them to (ie they dont jingle in your pocket like keys) Training discs are used to associate the sound of the discs with the dog not getting an expected reward (the noise associated with not getting a reward is the deterrent... they are not designed to be thrown at the dog as many people incorrectly assume!)Dog training discs can be used to tackle a number behaviour problems including aggressive behaviour, barking and jumping up. The makers of training discs always recommend that you restrict usage of the discs to that behaviour requiring the most urgent attention.Full instructions for how to commence your training program and use these discs to eradicate unwanted behaviours are included with the discs.