Espejo 69cm Sisal Cat Post

  • Ideal for your cat to sharpen their claws on
  • Helps protect floor and wall coverings
  • 69cm (27")
  • Choice of Colours
  • Suitable for cats and kittens

The 69cm Sisal Cat Scratching Post has been specially designed to provide your cat with a dedicated place to sharpen their claws. This simple yet effective scratching post is covered in sisal which is a robust natural material that your cat will enjoy scratching at, helping to prevent scratch damage on furniture, carpets and wall coverings in your home. The scratching post also features an elevated platform which will provide your cat with a great place to view the rest of the room or to practice their pouncing techniques from. The 69cm Sisal Cat Scratching Post is ideal for both adult cats and kittens to enjoy.