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Glavanized Metal Run for Small Animals

  • Keeps your pet containted
  • Protects them from predators
  • Choice of Sizes
  • Plenty of space for exercise and play
  • Suitable for rabbits or guinea pigs

These Folding Rabbit Playpens are a must have accessory for any rabbit owner. The playpen has been specially designed with both rabbits and guinea pigs in mind and offers them ample space for exercise and play whilst also protecting them. The rabbit playpen has been made from strong galvanised mesh and includes a roof section to offer your pet protection from predators such as cats, foxes and birds of prey. It includes a large roof door for easy access and two trap doors to allow your furry friend to move from their hutch to the run. The Massive Folding Rabbit Playpen is also fully foldable to allow for easy storage when not in use.