Medium Minou Cuddly Cave Bed 35 x 26 x 41cm

  • plush cover
  • foam padding
  • removable reversible cushion with polyester fleece filling
  • inner cover: fleece
  • easy-care nylon bottom
  • Size 35 × 26 × 41 cm

Cubby hole in plush, for small dogs and cats in various colors manufactured in this cuddly plush cave looks classy and funny at the same time through the fringes and has an easy-care nylon bottom. The cover is snug and soft inside and has also a big cuddly soft is particularly suitable for small dogs and cats. Product Description This cushy cave with plush cover is suitable for cats and Kittens as well. Cushy cave 'Minou' is fitted with easy-care nylon bottom.

Pink Grey
Dark Blue/Blue
Beige Brown