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Natures menu Farm Reared Turkey Cans

These tasty individual cans are created using Human grade Hand Reared Turkey and wholesome fruit and vegetables. These cans are filled with top quality raw ingredients, sealed and then steam cooked to lock in goodness. With a single source of protein this wonderfully complete and nutritionally balanced meal is backed with fruit and vegetables delivering a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals. Each 600g can is a fantastic meal in a tin!

These single meals contain no nasty meat meals or derivatives, artificial colours or flavourings.

A great alternative to raw feeding when travelling or staying away.


80% Turkey, 4% Cranberry, 3.5% Pears, 3% Pumpkin Seed, 3% Butternut Squash, 3% Broccoli, Cod liver Oil (1.5%), Kelp (0.7%), Spinach (0.7%), Green Tea Extract (0.6%).