Richmond Pullover

  • Polo Neck and Reinforced Hem
  • Loops for Back legs
  • Various Sizes
  • Pink
  • Stylish Pullover

This Trixie Pullover is the cutest addition to your dogs wardrobe! Your pet will over you putting on their pullover before going out on their walks during the cold, snowy winter days.Even when your pet is dry they will quite happily snuggle up in it. It has a polo neck and a reinforced hem, perfect for the smaller dog. It has a stripy design with a stylish design on the back. The pullover is created using a synthetic wool and it is machine washable to 60 degrees so you can ensure that it is clean and hygienic for the next use. An absolute must have for any dog lover!

Size Stomach Circum Length (back)
XS 34CM 25cm
XS 36CM 30cm
S 38CM 35cm
S 44CM 40cm
M 48CM 45cm