Travel Double Dog Food Water Bowl Set , 1.1 l/1.4 l, red/grey

  • Nylon Double Feeding Travel Bowl For Cats And Dogs
  • This double feeding bowl is perfect for when you're out traveling with your cat or dog.
  • The bowls are collapsible which makes them easy to store in a jacket pocket or the side pocket of a back or rucksack.
  • for food and water
  • Red/Grey

nylon collapsible well suited for giving food due to stable rim and base 1.1 cm diameter 1.4 L capacity Please remember that while you're out traveling with your pet it is important to ensure a sufficient food and water supply during the trip. We recommend giving your pet the food they are normally used to. Especially as dogs evaporate large quantities of water while panting it is important to serve this increased water need.