Wagg Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse Munch - Small Animal Food (Size: 1 kg)

Additional Product Information

Wagg Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse Munch is a complementary Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse Food from Wagg. This specially formulated diet for small pets has a dust free formulation to ensure value for money as wastage is reduced. All ingredients are specially selected to promote optimum health and includes favourites like sunflower seeds and peanuts. Wagg Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse Munch also provides an excellent source of calcium for healthy teeth

Wheat, Wheatfeed, Oatfeed, Toasted Soya, Peas, Sunflower Ext., Flaked Maize, Whole Maize, Peanuts (min 4%), Sunflower Seeds (min 4%), Vegetable Oil, Vitamins & Minerals, Lucerne, Apple, Grape, Syrup, Grass, Linseed (0.4%), Carob Meal, Yeast (0.05%).

Brand Profile

Wagg Foods are a leading value manufacturer of quality pet foods in the UK. The Wagg range includes complete dry dog food from working dog to sensitive dog, complete puppy food, rabbit and other smaller animal foods.Wagg pet foods contain no artificial colours or flavours and all meat is human grade. Wagg Dog Foods are a family owned and ran company with a passion for animals and their welfare, this shows throughout the product range.