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8"x6" Pond Net 18" Handle

This fish net from Blagdon has been manufactured using robust materials that support the delicate fins and gills of your pet fish. The safe and reliable net is essential for the easy scooping out and transportation of your pond fish and has been equipped with an 18 inch handle for those hard to reach places. 

The robust handle ensures that weights can be carried without the risk of the net breaking. The Blagdon Pond Net itself measures 8 x 6 inches and its unique shape prevents the twisting of fish whilst captured safely inside the net. The U-shape allows fish to be moved around without becoming trapped or damaged in corners, thus lessening stress levels where fish can often damage themselves.

Using the Blagdon 8" x 6" Pond Net with 18" Handle, fish should be scooped out from the pond slowly and carefully, whilst ensuring the holding pen or bucket is kept close by for efficient transferring.