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Iams Delights Cat Pouch Land Sea In Jelly 12x85g

Your cat is going to be able to have a different meal every day! This wonderful Land and Sea collection comes with individual 85g pouches of various flavours.

IAMS Delights Adult Land & Sea Collection in Jelly includes the following varieties:

  • Wild Tuna & Herring
  • Succulent Lamb & Liver
  • Delicious Salmon & Trout
  • Roast Turkey & Duck


Wild Tuna & Herring in Jelly:
Meat and meat by-products, fish and fish by-products (4% tuna, 4% herring), vegetable by-products, minerals.
Delicious Salmon & Trout in Jelly:
Fish and fish by-products (4% salmon, 4% trout), vegetable by-products, minerals.
Roast Turkey & Duck in Jelly:
Meat and meat by-products (6% turkey, 4% duck), vegetable by-products, minerals.
Succulent Lamb & Liver in Jelly:
Meat and meat by-products (6% liver, 4% lamb), vegetable by-products, minerals.