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KT Clean & Cozy White 49.2 Litres

Kaytee Clean & Cosy Small Animal Bedding Your small pet needs a clean, dry cage to stay happy and healthy. One of the most important parts of your pet's environment is his substrate bedding, which should be absorbent and not impact his health in any negative way. To that end, Kaytee Clean & Cosy Small Animal Bedding has been specially formulated with your small pet 's interests at heart. Kaytee Pet Bedding is a soft litter that is comfortable under the tiny feet of your small pet. It is very effective as small animal bedding because it offers guaranteed odour control as well as 20% more absorbency than other leading pet substrate brands. The absorption power of Kaytee pet bedding means your small pet won 't have to worry about nesting or playing in wet or soiled spots in his environment.Kaytee Clean & Cosy Small Animal Bedding can be included in practically any type of small pet environment. The odour control and absorbency properties make it ideal for use as small animal bedding in homes with rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils, just to name a few small pet varieties. Because small pets can have allergies and irritations related to their environment, Kaytee pet bedding is specifically designed to be 99.9% dust free.