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Lickimat Dog Sprinkles Duck & Orange 150g

Lickimat Sprinkles are a crushed biscuit treat, designed to be paired up with products from the Lickimat range.
  • Wheat and corn free
  • No added sugar, salt or dyes
  • Perfect topping for the Lickimat
  • Serving can last up to 40 mins without over feeding
  • Wheat and corn free, with no added sugar, salt or dyes. A little treat goes a long way - when the Sprinkles are used in conjunction with a Lickimat, it can take you dog up to 40 minutes to clear, keeping them entertained and relieving boredom.
  • For extra freshness, contents are sealed in a separate bag inside, remove and pour into the container.
  • Wet your Lickimat with water or any other tasty liquid.
  • Shake Sprinkles over the Lickimat to cover the surface.
  • Always ensure your pet has access to fresh, clean water.