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Lily's Kitchen

Lilys Kitchen Tasty Cuts Multipack 8 x 85g for cats

Your cat will adore this Lily’s Kitchen Tasty Cuts in Gravy Multipack, this delicious wet cat food range comes in a variety of tasty flavours in complete, balanced recipes.

Each dish is made with proper meat and natural ingredients to ensure premium quality and finest nutrition.

Lily’s Kitchen Tasty Cuts  wet cat food has a chunky texture and an irresistible gravy,  this multipack is a great way to find your cat's favourite flavours, bringing variety and natural goodness to your cat's diet.

The Lily’s Kitchen Tasty Cuts in Gravy Multipack for Cats contains the following varieties:

  • 2 x Chicken
  • 2 x Chicken & Salmon
  • 2 x Ocean Fish
  • 2 x Beef
Lily’s Kitchen Tasty Cuts in Gravy Multipack for Cats at a glance:
  • Complete wet food for adult cats over 4 months old
  • Balanced recipe for all-round nutrition
  • Natural ingredients: made with no cheap fillers or rubbish, to ensure the finest natural goodness
  • With proper meat and fish: the real fish and meat in these dishes are irresistible and full of flavour, encased in a sumptuous gravy
  • Contains essential taurine: an amino acid that is vital to your cat's health and wellbeing
  • Grain-free recipe: ideal for cats with sensitivities
  • No added sugars