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Pedigree Chum Small Bite Mixer 1.5kg

This complimentary dog food is designed to deliver nutrition to your smaller breed dog. This food supports a strong immune system, healthy skin and coat, good digestion and cleans their teeth.

This food is created especially for smaller breed dogs, with small bite size pieces for your small dog to be able to easily digest. This is a complimentary food and designed to be fed with wet dog food - cans or pouches. Feeding a mixture of wet and dry food together is a healthy way to feed your dog, because wet food has a higher moisture content and is less calorie dense, whilst dry food can help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Ingredients Cereals (including 4% Whole Wheat) Meat and Animal Derivatives Oils and Fats Minerals Antioxidants Nutrition Analytical constituents (%): Protein: 16.5 Fat content: 6.5 Inorganic matter: 6.5 Crude fibres: 3.5 Omega 6 fatty acids: 1.6 Omega 3 fatty acids: 0.2