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Trixie Poker Box Vario Strategy Game

Healthy mind, healthy body! Stimulate your dog’s brain with Trixie Poker Box 2 Strategy Game!

The Trixie Dog Activity Poker Box 2 is a board game with many exciting possibilities throughout five different game modules. It’s made of plastic, it doesn't slip due to rubber feet, and it allows your dog to get the hidden treats by using different techniques. It includes a base plate with four elements that can be individually placed.

Dogs are highly intelligent and quick-witted animals, so, besides keeping them active physically, you also need to keep their minds sharp by offering them mental challenges. This sturdy Trixie Activity Poker Box is suitable for all dogs and helps with their concentration, keeping your best friend engaged and entertained for longer.

All dogs are different, so it can take some time for your pooch to figure out how to solve this game. It’s your job to guide and help them throughout the learning process.

Additionally, you can combine this board game with other poker box games, and it includes a booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training. The Trixie Poker Box 2 is compliant with animal welfare under article 18 of the Animal Welfare Act.

Dimensions: 32cm x 17cm