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Potty Litter 472ML

Specially designed to ensure a clean and comfortable litter material for small pets Kaytee Potty Litter is the ideal sanitary solution for a range of pets including hamsters, gerbils and other similar sized animals allowing for easier and more hygienic spot training.

An all-natural litter made with non-toxic, all natural minerals Keytee Potty Litter is extremely easy to use, encouraging your pet to instinctively use the special litter when they need to relieve themselves. Specially formulated for small pets it is hypoallergenic and virtually dust free, available in an easy-pour bag and box for convenience.

Designed to reduce cage cleaning by a minimum of 30% by providing a highly absorbent natural litter ideal for spot training your hamster, gerbil or other small animal Kaytee Potter Litter is perfect for weekly use helping to keep your pets’ cage clean and hygienic at all times.