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Skinners Light & Senior Dog Food 15kg

Additional Product Information

Skinners Light & Senior Dog Food

Like humans, some dogs can be prone to weight gain as they become older or less active. Neutered or spayed dogs can also be prone to excessive weight gain due to reduced energy requirements.

Older, overweight or less active dogs still need a carefully balanced diet. Skinners Light & Senior has been specifically formulated with high quality ingredients to maintain their health and condition.

Skinners Light & Senior is supplemented with increased levels of BioPlex Zinc to help your dog maintain a healthy, lustrous coat; Taurine, a naturally occuring amino acid, which can help keep your dogs heart healthy, and L-Carnitine which can help maintain muscle tone.

Skinners Light & Senior is free from artificial flavourings, colourants and preservatives.

Maize, oats, poultry meat meal, rice, beet pulp, white fish meal, whole egg, brewers yeast, sunflower oil, whole linseed, vitamins and minerals.

Typical Analysis
17.5% Protein, 8.5% Oil, 3% Fibre, 5.5% Ash, 10000 i.u./kg Vitamin A, 1500 i.u./kg Vitamin D3, 190 i.u./kg Vitamin E (as alpha-tocopherol), 12 mg/kg Copper sulphate

Brand Profile

Skinners dog food is renowned for quality and extremely popular with working dogs. Based in Suffolk since 1688 Skinners pet food is a family owned business that originally specialised in producing 2 products, dog food and dog meal. Since the 1980's Skinners have expanded there range to acquire a new market including show dogs and pet dogs, the release of Skinners Ruff and Ready dog foodhelped to accomplish this goal.

. The Mill has belonged to the Skinner family for seven generations, but it was the idea of the current Chairman, Roger Skinner, to branch into complete dry dog foods in the early 1970s, a time when there were very few competitors in the dog food sector of the pet market.

Skinner's dog food is strongly connected to feeding working gun dogs, Skinner's also supply to a wide range of customers including several police dog forces, husky racing teams, and show obedience and agility dog customers. Skinners dog foodreally is suitable and enjoyed by all.