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Wagg Complete Beef & Veg 2.5kg

Wagg Complete with Beef and Veg contains a combination of nutritious ingredients which work together to promote 'all round health. Its been created to not only be super nutritious but also amazingly tasty.


The perfectly balanced receipe promotes a health digestive system, with a combination of Omega 3 oils for a healthy and glossy coat.


Real Meat products are used in this food, no artificial colours or preservatives have been added to this food.




Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives (20%, including 4% Beef in Red Kibble), Oils and Fats, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Vegetables (4% Peas in Pea Kibble), Minerals, Yeasts (MOS 0.1%), Citrus Extract (0.04%), Yucca Extract (0.01%)