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Wellness Superfood 65 For Adult Dogs

Our Wellness range is made with the finest freshly prepared meat and a blend of beneficial superfoods.

Each bag contains 65% meat, a minimum of 35% of that is freshly prepared.

Proteins are responsibly sources and highly digestible.

These foods are rich in collagen which helps maintain healthy joints and skin, great for dogs with arthritis and skin conditions. It also contains prebiotics to support digestion and maintain a healthy gut.

No added artificial colours or preservatives.


Dill – helps maintain healthy bones

Spinach – Supports functions of the circulatory system

Fennel – For healthy bones and teeth

Asparagus – Supports cellular growth

Tomato – Helps with nerve and muscle functions

Carrot – maintains healthy vision

Green Beans - Supports functions of the circulatory system

Cauliflower – Important for amino acid and nucleotide metabolism

Courgette – For metabolism

Parsnip – For energy metabolism

Beetroot – To normalise the gastrointestinal transit time

Orange – Antioxidant properties and supports the immune system

Pumpkin – For healthy vision