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Whiskas Pouch Kitten Poultry Selection In Jelly 12x100g

Complete Wet Pet Food for Kittens. Whiskas delicious meals and cat treats are formulated for your cat's diet. 100% Complete and Balanced pet food. 12x100g Whiskas wet cat food for kittens in individual packets. Mixed multipack of 12 x 100g Whiskas wet cat food for indoor or outdoor kittens. Classic variants, to suit every domestic cat's choice, Poultry Selection in Jelly, Whiskas cat food pouches. Feline food contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Delicious cat food slices for a convenient and fresh meal. A perfect way to give your kitten everything she naturally needs to grow healthy and strong. Available in 100g WHISKAS® kitten cat food pouches.